Pittsburgh Tennis League
President   Siao Mei Shick 412-580-7950
Vice President   Gina DeCola 724-624-1911
Treasurer   Leslie Rymer 412-606-4613
Secretary   Becky Winschel 412-874-7554
Director of Membership   Charlene Zeleznock 412-848-0929
Director of Scheduling   Gina DeCola 724-624-1911
Director of Coordinators   Jane MacArtney 412-334-0746
Coordinator D-1   Amy Morrissey 814-335-2382
Coordinator D-2   Carol Lang 412-370-4679
Coordinator D-3   Terri Fagan  724-263-7133
Coordinator D-4   Amy Pople  412-551-8914
Coordinator D-5   Rhonda Smith 412-977-5145
Coordinator D-6a   Carla Lavrusky 724-766-1780
Coordinator D-6b   Sandra Kun 412-389-1362
Winter League   Becky Winschel 412-874-7554
Advisor   Lisa Cron 412-848-7163

About Us

Pittsburgh Tennis League (PTL) was founded in 1953 to promote women's tennis and organize recreational play in a league format. Today the league consists of over 40 teams and 700+ members representing various tennis clubs and community tennis courts in the Greater Pittsburgh area. The league is open to ladies 19 and over. League matches are on weeknights from May-July. Team matches consists of 1 singles line and 4 doubles lines. There is also a less formal winter league that plays on weekdays. If you are interested in forming a new team or joining an existing team, please send us a message!


PTL was founded in 1953 by Vee Toner, Joy Liken, Janet Thomas and others to promote enthusiasm in women’s tennis and to get more women to play in a team format.  It’s a tribute to them that more than 60 years later, the league they started flourishes with over 700 members and 40 teams.  Below is more about each of our PTL pioneers and their contributions to tennis:

Janet Thomas - Janet Thomas reigned as the area women’s tennis champion in the 1960’s, taking the national singles title in the West Penn Open in 1962 and, according to local tennis pundits, “almost every other event she entered.”  Janet, who died in the early 1980’s, was a respected math teacher and tennis coach at Bethel Park High School.  Throughout her life, she shared her love of tennis with others and worked hard so that talented casual players, whatever their level, could experience the joys of competition.  The Pittsburgh Tennis League is a living testament to that goal.  For many years, the PTL Board appropriated funds for a permanent Janet Thomas National Collegiate Clay Court women’s doubles trophy.  Each year, the women’s doubles winners’ names were added to the championship cup. 

Vee Toner - Vee Toner’s credits include being the first woman from the United States to have a chair assignment at Wimbledon and the only woman president of the Allegheny Mountain Association of the Amateur Athletic Union.  She also held the rank of stadium umpire of the USTA. In 1982, Vee became the first regional woman elected to the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame and, not surprisingly, received an invitation to the White House in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan, who honored her for her contributions to sports.

Joy Liken - Joy Liken played in many major tournaments of the time including the Nationals of New York (now known as the US Open).  She also played in the Western PA Championship, winning a record six times.  With all her success, Joy said she was more proud of her work with the girls in the Youth Tennis Foundation and in Junior Wightman Cup than of her many titles.  Joy Liken and Janet Thomas were inducted into the USTA/Middle States/Mountain District Hall of Fame in 2005.

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